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    Let's say goodbye to one of our dearest members

    Sometimes life is unfair. Damn unfair! And I wish I had never had to write this.

    I just heared that one of my best friends passed away. You know, that rare kind of friend that donít need a facebook notification to wish you happy birthday, because he always remembers the date. Or to ask again and again for your mail address, because he wrote it in his agenda from the beginning. The kind of friend that sends you christmas cards, real cards, that he carefully picks up knowing that youíll enjoy them, taking care to personalize it with funny drawings dedicated to you. The friend that although he lives miles away surprise you by sending small silly things or a Get well soon card that can bring a smile on your face. That real friend that feels only by reading between the lines that you are sad and is doing his best to cheer you up. And who may sacrifice a part of his time (although ďbusyĒ was his trademark) just to watch Eurovision with you every year, despite not being a fan.
    I lost this friend and although we werenít very close lately, it hurts. It hurts like hell and I canít stop crying.

    The reason Iím sharing these very personal feelings with you is simple: most of you know this special friend of mine and I know for sure that all of you loved him and appreciated him as much as I did. Because he was one of the nicest, funniest and kindest member of this forum. Probably the most ďlikedĒ one, literally and figuratively.
    And one of the most active, too. Iím sure all of you remember his efforts to keep this forum alive. Thatís why I asked for his familyís permission to make public this sad event that Iím sure will shock you.
    I thought that maybe in time some of you would notice his absence and ask about him in the Whatever happened to? thread ( ironically it was him who launched this thread ) but I think he really deserves his own thread.
    So letís just say goodbye to our dear friend whose heart was so big and full of love that gave up beating. He wasnít religious at all but Iím sure that now heís somewhere up in the sky smiling to us ( well, in fact his real trademark was his smile. I canít remember a picture of him where heís not smiling ) and pointing to his forum signature:

    ďI still exist and still find the forum occasionally. Busy busy ď

    R.I.P. Steveaki13
    Sometimes when I say "I'm okay" I want someone to look me in the eyes, hug me tight and say "I know you're not".

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    What a very sad news and great lost for the Family and all of us. Steve was a great and funny Person and I had a lot of fun with him, talking about motorsport and football for many years. He also became member of my photography Group and I can tell he also had talent with camera. Indeed he was one of the nicest man Iíve known in here, and I am so sorry and sending my condolences to his Family and Friends...

    R.I.P Steve
    When you're tired of're tired of life

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    RIP Steve. Very sad, especially as you should have had so many years to live. I hope the place where you are now looks like a neat garden in the English countryside, something that always popped up in my mind, when I thought about you. Missing you, my distant mate.

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    It's become so difficult to keep up with our remaining members. But Steve will certainly be missed. I wish his family well and may they have nothing but fond memories of Steve.

    R.I.P. Steveaki13
    "Every generation's memory is exactly as long as its own experience." --John Kenneth Galbraith

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    Oh no that’s terrible
    crap crap crap
    United in diversity !!!

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    I've only popped here on the extremely rare occasion, less than 5 times in the last few years. This morning was one such day, and I just saw this...

    And had to respond. The news is such a shock. It's just not right at all that this happens to him.

    I'm really sorry gadjo, I know you got on really well with Steve. One of my very favourite members when I was here. Very kind, never a cross word really, always enjoyed what he had to say. Had some great moments on here with him and others.

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    That's very sad news, my condolences!

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    I am really saddened to hear this Steve was a great asset to this community and I always enjoyed his Posts on the F1 forum. He will be sorely missed. Godspeed, steveaki13!
    Oct. 31, 1999 - one of the blackest days in motorsports.

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    I am so sorry to hear this. Steve was a tremendous asset to this forum, and an overall really good guy. RIP my man!
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    May the forza be with you

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    Thanks Steve . You were a good guy .

    And , so you all hear it , I appreciate all of you as good friends , though I've never actually met any of you .
    Be safe . Be well .
    And know bagwan is your pal .

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