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    Quote Originally Posted by gadjo_dilo View Post
    So, have any of you got vaccinated?
    Absurdistan has already opened the 3rd stage of vaccination meaning that general population could register.
    I registered for Pfizer and I'm on the waiting list of a medical center. There are about 5000 people on that list. I could get it faster with an Astra-Zeneca vaccine option but I'm reticent.
    I got my second Pfizer dose two weeks ago today. I'm very happy and thankful about that. But I got news on Monday that my 82 year old uncle tested positive and was showing symptoms. I pray for his recovery.

    I wish all of you the very best in getting the vaccine as soon as it's available to you.
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    I had my first jab (A-Z) in February. The second dose is booked for the first week in May. UK Government policy is to have 11 to 12 weeks between vaccinations to accellerate the numbers having at least one dose. Over 32 million have had one dose and another almost 7 1/2 million have had their second, so 61% of over 18 year olds have had at least one vaccination, 14% have had two.

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    I got my first shot at the Kaiser facility in Chula Vista (Moderna O.5mil LOT#036A21A EXP: 8/26/2021) on 17 March (no reaction). I get my second 16 April 7:40am at the La Mesa Facility
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    Quote Originally Posted by donKey jote View Post
    Not yet, but cant wait to get any of them, straight away. If I could get AZ now or Biontech in a week Id still take AZ without any doubts whatsoever.
    They released AZ for anyone who wants it (and can find a doctor to give it) in Germany now, since so many even in the >60 age group prefer to wait for the proper one.
    My daughter got her first shot AZ today, Im getting mine on Wednesday :yay:
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