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    I am sure that 2021 F1 season is going to be another shit-show, with RedBull's Verstappen almost always finishing the race behind Mercedes, and Alonso finishing the race behind RedBull-Verstappen with a big gap. However, Alonso-fans, just like in 2011, are going to proclaim that Alonso, despite finishing seventh in the race or qualifying, drove his car to 140 percent of its performance. I am already sick of Alonsofans in advance of that season.

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    Similar to Taz, I rate Ocon as a pretty good driver.

    But like him or not, Fernando has huge talent and a hefty mental game. Depending on how they can change the car to his liking, I expect that he will better Ocon in short time. Then again, it doesn't take a long time away from the sport to lose some of that ability.... but I think Alonso will still step up to the challenge.

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