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    Quote Originally Posted by AnttiL View Post
    I thought you posed a rhetorical question.

    Not really. Portugal has the Friday stages around Arganil and Sweden does a long liaison for the Karlstad super special.

    Drivers do not like long liaisons
    Teams don't like remote servicing (even if it's just tyre change area)
    Teams and organizers don't like to have their service park being empty during a weekend.
    Most spectators don't really care if the rally is in a small/single region or not.
    The organizers struggle already now to have the recce in two days (Monte has to have three recce days)
    It was a genuine question.

    The whole thing feels like it needs to do something different, that's for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the sniper View Post

    Going back to what might have been this year, while it might have been a challenge, the Sunday leg seems to me increasingly like it would have been a massive missed opportunity. That could have been a great opportunity to let Rally GB make a far greater impact on a much wider population, when this could have been one of the few remaining opportunities to sell rallying to the wider public and sponsors. Time is running out for Rally GB, playing it safe is ultimately killing the sport here anyway, so why not put ones neck out?
    I think that is the issue. It really doesn't make a great impact on the general public/ mainstream sporting media. Playing it 'safe' isn't really doing anything to help grow the event/ sport. And this has a knock on effect; the lack of interested big money backers - whether that be a major commercial sponsor or regional/tourist board.

    One final thought; during the event's heyday, I suspect it didn't matter whether the event was in the WRC or not - it was still a massive event. Now it's run for the benefit of the WRC; no WRC, no event.

    Is there a better sound than that of Porsche engined Flat-6 ???

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