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    Quote Originally Posted by rallyfiend View Post
    That's just not at all true.

    There have been commercial flights to and from China, Iran, Italy etc up until last week. And with no screening of any kind.

    Don't confuse British Airways stopping their flights with flights being stopped...
    That's not what I read. Flights have been severely restricted or stopped for some time.

    5th Feb: The British man who got his family on 'last available Air China flight to UK' said:

    "What about British nationals who need help to arrange a flight. Airlines are cancelling fights by the hour. Most flights from China to the UK are going to be cancelled. So if they (FO) are asking British nationals to urgently leave China, well if someone is in Beijing or Shanghai and they can't get a flight back to the UK, how do they expect the British nationals to leave China, how?"

    Plus the other issue is the EU didnt do the same, so people flew from China into Europe then on to the UK. Italy banned all flights in from China but this caused deep irritation among other EU states who wanted to coordinate a 'joint response' and meanwhile arrivals continued.
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    Eddie, You keep confusing travel ban with flights cancelations by the airlines. That is two different things. There is no travel ban issued by UK government in place and AFAIK never was.
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