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    Technical photos of 2020 cars

    Forget the liveries. Show us what you find of the photos that highlight the changes in the new cars. A lot of packaging changes going on with the top 3 teams, with major changes in sidepods, noses, and bargeboards. Flip ups and minor aero changes virtually everywhere.

    The W11 Mercedes title defender.

    Many changes in the nose section, including flip ups and aero attachments along the top of the body line. Tighter packaging along the inlets and cooling areas of the car, with a more defined cut that appears to guide more air down towards the rear of the car. Very tight packaging all around.

    Ferrari SF1000

    Ferrari seems to have left the nose mostly the same, but huge changes under the nose section. Turning vanes and the forward parts of the bargeboard have major changes in length, size, and how they are directing air. The details of some of the forward vanes into the S duct is insane. The packaging at the sides and rear have changed some, but remain more fluid and less defined than the W11. The bull horns or "Thor" horns return, though smaller than in past years.


    Fairly large changes to the nose end and much larger cape. Similar to Ferrari, some body sculpting on the side, but not as much as Mercedes. Major changes to the rear suspension setup overall.

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