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    Rally Mexico - Guanajuato/Leon

    Hi guys,

    My friends and I are planning to fly to Guanajato for the WRC Rally in Mexico. The town of Guanajuato looks like an awesome time, and we've always wanted to watch one of these races. Some questions:

    How long is the race on Thursday through the town of Guanajuato? I've seen videos of the cars drifting through the cobble stone streets of the town and it looks like a total riot. Where is the best place to watch this part of the event? We would like to watch this part of the event from a hotel balcony, bridge, or roof top bar. Something like that. Anyone have any recommendations on this?

    As for watching the stages racing through the mountains outside of Guanajauto/Leon, where is the best place to go. We wont have any transportation of our own unless we are able to rent a car as will be relying on Uber or taxis to get around. Whats the best way to get to there.

    For the whole race weekend, what are the best things to see and do?

    Thanks guys!

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    Guanajuato city stage is normally run on one night.

    Come in the afternoon, view the city, keep any personal belongings at the hotel and don't show off your fancy iPhone or camera's too much as you'll be a target. A colleague of mine, WRC photographer had everything taken off of him including his iPhone just wandering around the city a few days before the official start.

    Once you fly into Leon, pick up a rental car. Even the smallest model available. The HQ and service is based in Leon, have your hotel accom there for the whole rally and you're set. Stages are are not that far away from Leon HQ but the farthest is of course Guanajuato.

    Nearly every stage is excellent to go to in the mountains/desert. Some policing and marshalling on stages where there are no spectator zones but you'll easily be able to walk along the side of the stage and find great points to view the whole field. Spectator zones are great too. El Brinco has changed but it's not like the original but still a good stage to visit.
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