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    Motorsport books?


    my birthday is next month and for last 12 or so years it's kind of tradition that mom gets me some book. I always send her list of books that I want and she chooses some.

    I usually went with history and military books but I this year I thought I'd throw some motorsport/racing books in.

    Are there any books that you'd really recommend? I prefer things like (auto)biography of some drivers (or perhaps engineers) over book that goes really deep into technical aspects of cars (so it basically is a documentation). History focused book would be fine as well. But feel free to suggest whatever crosses your mind.

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    I recently read "The Mechanic's Tale" By Steve Matchett. It's a good read with some very interesting insight. I recommend it!
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    Gerald Donaldson's book on Gilles Villeneuve ("The life of the legendary racing driver") is a classic driver biography.
    I enjoyed Prof. Sid Watkins' "Life at the limit" as well, plus Damon Hill's recent autobiography "Watching the wheels".
    Mark Webber's "Aussie grit" gives some interesting insight into life at Red Bull Racing and with Sebastian Vettel.
    What I personally wouldn't recommend is Max Mosley's autobiography, which I found mostly boring and pretty complacent at times.
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