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Thread: WRC future

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    My first post in this forum is going to be a pretty weird one but here we go:
    Do you think there is a place for these type of cars in WRC? Not the top class, of course. BUT we know these european autocross buggys (in this case it has a co-pilot seat too!) can be as fast as the european/world rallycross cars... SO they are kinda "able" to compete with R5.. maybe? Anyway... any chances in the future?
    AND If there IS already a "rally format" series with buggys like this - other than hilclimb - you can send me some links I'd love to! haha Cheers

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    I think one of the strengths of rallying is the close relationship there's always been between cars used in competition and cars sold to the public, even if it's only the looks. I don't think buggy-things belong in rallying, and certainly not in WRC where you need the commitment from manufacturers and big sponsors.

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    Buggies are more a cross country rally vehicle. Cross Karts are more a closed dirt / tarmac track vehicle.

    Finnish single seater Cross Kart 2013 on forest track
    Depends on local area rules/ insurance / liabilities for used a limited production special vehicle on a public road between stages. The Australian Rally Championship had side by side utilities for a few years.

    The previous space tube frame rally cars were the Group B cars.
    Woodner Group B spaceframe 205 history

    French get some of the dakar vehicles on french rallies from time to time. (hillclimb with dakar pug in this one)

    Saker tube frame have competed on tarmac rallies.

    The WRC has gone a full circle if the manufacturers tube space frame cars are allowed back again. With the 'cars' allowed to be scaled - they might be considered manufactuers' buggy wrcs?

    Whether the tube cars filter down in lower ranks of stage rallying remains to be seen. The rallycross lites were space frames from Turkey.(Avitas)

    Speed UTV if their initial projects succeed they have plans for an enclosed 2 seater UTV that could be quite suitable for taking part in non-European stage rallying. 300 hp turbo 1000cc on E85, cvt trans, 4wd, tube frame, long travel suspension, HD brakes, full size spare tyre, FIA bag race tank, frame able to separated to service/ remove the engine/ transmission etc (very basic prototype sxs utv initial PR display)
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    No review of 2022 Rules says Matton:

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