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    What new cars could be considered Grand Touring cars?

    These days, the old-school idea of a GT car is a dying breed. I absolutely love the idea of a car that blends luxury and performance in a package that's ideal for long-distance comfort. So I want to know: which 2019 models could be considered true grand touring cars? Are there any left that aren't exorbitantly expensive?

    First, after doing some research on the subject, here are my requirements (more like guidelines) for what constitutes a grand touring car:

    Two-door coupe หมวกกันน็อค

    Usually (but not always) front-engine, rear-wheel-drive

    Can comfortably fit two adults and their luggage (meaning it either has a 2+2 seating arrangement, or 2 seats and a large cargo area)

    Enough power to easily cruise, even at Autobahn speeds, with more throttle to spare

    Balanced suspension, nimble enough to handle whatever you throw at it but comfortable enough for a long road trip

    A luxury interior
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