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    Lets talk Mclaren

    Breaking new this week reveals that Mclaren is dropping the Renault engine for a reunion with former supplier Mercedes. The status so far, indicates that Mclaren has turned a corner and has ended the rot that had slumped this great team into the depths of the midfield. Impressively, they have made a remarkable surge forward, beating the Renault works team to the coveted best of the rest position of fourth in the constructors championship.

    Like most Mclaren fans out there, there is the question of whether they can win a championship with a Mercedes engine? Can they beat the awesome Mercedes Works team with the Mercedes engine? You may argue that they did beat works Renault team with a Renault engine. But Renault is a far cry from the highly efficient machinery that is the Mercedes team. But, nonetheless not impossible.

    Can 2021 be the year that Mclaren steps into sharp end of the grid and disrupt the status quo? It would be a great story but l watch with interest how the new personnel that has joined the team, gell together. A strong showing in 2020 would give a very good indication of what to expect from Mclaren in the new Liberty era. If it turns out to be a farce, there is no other engine manufacturer to hop to, so they have to somehow make this partnership with Mercedes a success.

    That said, l like what l have seen this season, they have the right man at the helm and l am beginning to see a hungar for success in the eyes of Mclaren people. This is great and l wish them all the luck in the world.
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