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    M/T 2019 Elantra GT N-Line Question

    Love the car otherwise but may be a strange question...

    I have owned 2 other manual cars before this and haven’t encountered this. If I roll backwards while the clutch is in and try to shift into reverse while still in motion, I hear the transmission grind. My driveway is on a hill, so I can usually just disengage the e-brake and roll back enough to clear the driveway. In my other cars, if I didn’t have the momentum to clear the driveway, I would just shift into reverse while still in motion and wouldn’t have a problem.
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    What makes it strange is that I can shift into 1st no problem while rolling backwards, I only encounter the grind in reverse.
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    What? Every manual transmission does that...there is no syncro. for that gear.
    Though this is not the right place to ask that, turn some makers forum, or here there is a free discussion topic also. In here we talk about racing series`.

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