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    Quote Originally Posted by Sulland View Post
    Countries with some sort of dictator running them should not be considerered for international sporting events/championships.

    Ref world championship in Track and Field i Doha, and football world championship at the same place.

    This is a task that FIA and that level of organisations need to consider when awarding. Human rights, the different freedoms as freedom of speach, free press, free religion, equality of people rights and so on.
    Many people were killed in building stadiums in Doha, and people are treated more or less like modern slaves.
    If the international sports federations award such countries large sports events, they more or less support the dictator and lack of human rights in that country.
    Its all about money, sadly, nothing about the sport.
    Most FIFA people is under some sort of corruption investigation, same with most of the other big sporting assosiations, i've bet the same in FIA.

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    I bet half of them doesn't even care about sporting activities behind the organization as long is it money on the table. So the decisions made are sometimes stupid and worthless.

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    Rotation: No Rally Germany 2021
    ADAC Sports President Hermann Tomczyk saved the World CHampionship status of the Rally Germany with a feat of strength. It had to make compromises.
    Rally fans please help ! Chris Ingram leads the ERC but still requires funding for the final round. Donate and you can win the chance of a prize ride !

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    We know Rally Hokkaido is not part of the planned WRC round in Japan, but

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