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Thread: Oliver Solberg

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    Then there is of course also the fact that Harri is a well known rally driver, who has a lot of contacts. When word gets out that the son of a famous driver is starting driving, then of course there will be light put on him too. There is a reason why there are so many rally families.
    In the case of Kalle and Oliver, how much were they actually funded by their own families, beyond the very early years? I'd have thought they'd have both been able to attract enough sponsorship once they got up to the R2 level on the basis of their names, family connections, career stories and talent. They certainly both had a lot of decent sponsors on their cars coming up. The waters may be a little muddied in the case of Petter as he may be investing money in his own operation in order to prepare to become a manufacturer team in future...

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    And the case of Neuville? He was not rich nor wealthy when he started.
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