As a new member I would like to start with a short introduction. I am Gunther. I was born in Leuven in Belgium, but I currently live in the UK with my British partner.

I've been an avid fan of motorsports in all kinds of disciplines almost my entire life. Car racing since I was 6, motorbike racing since I saw my first GP in 1992.

For years I've been collecting race results and stats from several races and riders. Recently my hard drive crashed and even though I tried to recover all my information, quite a few files where completely damaged. I am in the process of recollecting all my lists of results.

One of the files I lost is the one from Werner Daemen. I've managed to find most of his CV from 1997 onwards, but I'm looking for what he did before that. Mainly the Belgian championship. Maybe people on here could help.

I can provide information from other riders in return if wanted, as I am still recollecting all my files, I will do my best to find info I don't have if someone requests my help with their own files.

Thanks a lot in advance