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    Formula Ford width

    Attempting to garner an understanding about something. I'll spare the details on the why, but basically I am trying to come up with a fictional single seater racing championship that uses cars that don't have slicks and wings but I've seen a pattern emerge. There are a lot of series using this design that have very wide axles or whatever the things connecting the chassis and wheels are called.

    I wanted to avoid that. If a FF1600's width is 185cm, I was wanting to lean more towards 160cm, so it doesn't look like someone laying on their belly with their arms stretched out. 160cm is the width of a Formula Jedi car from the BRSCC F1000 series that support the TCR UK championship. Mobdro

    That series uses slicks and wings though, so I'm asking then if the very wide design is down to the fact that since they don't have a lot of mechanical grip and downforce, does that mean if the car was slimmer, it would not be as stable?

    If anyone knows the answer, do let me know. Thank you.
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