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    New Player to the Dirt Series

    Hey all! I recently grabbed Xbox Game Pass for 3 months, and I jumped into Forza Horizon 4 as I played that for a little while the last time I had Game Pass. However, I soon got pretty bored of it (I was pretty much in end-game already), and decided to try some other games on the Pass out... sadly, there weren't a lot of driving games. But one caught my eye:

    Dirt 4.

    So I started Googling more about it. Reviews, critical and userbase, on the progression, physics, handling, etc etc. And... it honestly scared me. The amount of negative feedback on the game was staggering, so much so I was tempted to go towards GRID 2, even though it was a 360 title. However, this staggering amount of negative feedback intrigued me... how can the game be this bad?

    So I downloaded it. And honestly, I have had an absolute tonne of fun with this. I always loved rallying as a sport, but never actually tried any rally games before, and Dirt 4 has given me (and still continues to) a truly enjoyable experience. Most of the criticism about the game seemed rather exaggerated, and a lot didn't even apply to me. I don't have the money for a proper wheel setup. I love racing games but I can't say I'm the absolute greatest at them. Thus, Dirt 4 seemed actually quite perfect for what I wanted. I started out with the second difficulty level, but have been messing around with the settings and am now up to the third (I never used automatic transmission, I'm not that much of a newbie haha). It's just about difficult enough to really give me the feeling that I am very much in danger when driving a Focus RS WRC at 105 mph through a Welsh forest, but not so unforgiving that it reminds me that I am not Colin McRae and never will be at every single corner.
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