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    WSeries Zolder GP 2019

    The WSeries bandwagon set off to the Belgian race track called Zolder. The two front rows were occupied by Jamie Chadwick on pole, Bietske Visser 2nd, Alice Powell 3rd and Marta Garcia 4th. The race had a weird start as last place and reserve driver Sarah Bovy stopped temporarily before she reached her slot on the grid with smoke bellowing from her engine. The flag man at the rear of the grid assumed she was out of the race and proceeded to walk in front of her car waving the green flag. Just as the lights were coming on, Bovy drove her car into her slot where the car burst into full flames and a huge plume of smoke gushed from the engine cover.

    Watch the race highlights here

    The lights went out and Visser had a better start and jumped into the lead as Chadwick struggled to get going, but managed to stay 2nd. After two safety car moments, Visser thrashed the the rest of the field with a very commanding victory. At one point a good seven seconds ahead. Leaving Chadwick fighting Powell for 2nd. Powell briefly overtook Chadwick to take 2nd on the penultimate lap. But Chadwick fought hard to regain 2nd place on the last lap.

    Chadwick leads the series with 43 points, Visser 2nd with 37 points and Powel 3rd with 33 points. The series is beginning to look tight. I sort of expected Chadwick to run away with it winning all races. But the opposition have stepped up their game and it is looking like we are set for a hard fought championship.

    Other drivers that have impressed me include Koyama of Japan. She doesn't qualify well, but in the race she is like a little Ricciado. She made the most progress in the last two races. Qualifying 13th and finishing 8th, well within the top ten. She is one to watch next season for the title. The other is 18 years old Marta Garcia of Spain. She has consistently finished in the top four positions. She was on the podium in the first race, finishing 3rd in Hockenheim. She is currently fourth in the championship with 27 points.

    With four races to the end of the season, any of the three drivers on the podium above, can win it. While Chadwick is the favourite, Visser is only 6 points behind and is ramping up her performance. It is going to be a cracking battle between these ladies. I kind of think now, that six races is too short with the level of racing that this series has managed to produce.
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