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    Spectator friendly races

    I do not live in Europe but would like to attend a GP or two other than those that take place in the Americas. Assuming no special entry tickets and visiting specifically to see the race and pre-race activities are their particular races that come to mind that are more easily navigated, access to good seats, and more fan friendly than others. I realize this is a subjective question but I would appreciate anyone's opinion. I have never attended an F1 race but I am a big fan.

    Thanks in advance....

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    I assume that most races are spectator friendly because of the high standards applied to the race tracks and their facilities. There could be a few bad cases here and there. For example, there is a talk of switching the Brazilian GP from Sao Paulo because of high crime area with criminals often targeting formula 1 crews. Lots of people have liked the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, which was built fairly recently, and has all the logistics well-planned, and Austin is not exactly the most expensive or crowded city to visit in USA.

    These days there are probably very few truly bad spots at the race tracks to watch the race because there are huge screens everywhere, so you can watch the race from any place now. In general, your comforts will be inversely related to how much you're willing to spend. A ticket in the best placed grand-stands can cost you a few hundred dollars, but you will pay more for VIP seats. On the other hand, if you can sit on a portable chair that you bring yourself on grassy hill where you need to stake your spot hours before and probably under rain, the tickets can be significantly cheaper. I assume that Europe's best attended GPs like Monza or British GP can be a logistic nightmare because of the large crowds, although that should not discourage real fans from visiting.

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