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    Dutch Grand Prix Locations

    With the Max Verstapenn sensation at its height nowadays, there has been growing talks of a dutch grand prix in the Netherlands. There are two race tracks in Holland that can host a F1 grand prix, namely, Zandvoort a short drive from Amsterdam in the north of Holland and Assen in the city of Drenthe in the north east. . And we shall have a look at each of them below.


    Located about 100 yards from the Bloemendaal beach, this track is 4.3km about 2.6miles in length. It is a narrow amco lined track with a short straight and 13 turns. Some of which are corkscrew type chicanes. It is very windy at this circuit even at the best of times. The infrastructure such as garages etc dates back to more than thirty years. Hence, are well below modern race track standards. The garages would be quite snug for modern F1 teams. Parking for the fanfare of racing teams, motorhomes and hospitality structures may be very difficult to accommodate in the very limited facilities available at this track. Also seating arrangement may not be ample to accommodate the average volume of fans that may attend this grand prix. All the Verstapenn fans would get a seat but everyone else may find they are competing for a very limited number of seats. There is very little stands there at the moment. Typically, fans just sit on grass banks on sand dunes around the track to watch races currently. There are some stands for high paying fans. For F1 ticket prices, which are not cheap, one wonders what quality of seating arrangements would be made available for F1 race weekends. Would it be value for money?

    In its current state, one cannot help thinking it would be cost prohibitive to bring this track to modern race track standards. The FIA and Liberty Media would have to make a questionable compromise which may essentially lower the bar for F1 track considerably, if they allow this track to host an F1 weekend. There would probably be comparison of this track to Monaco. But there are arguments whether Monaco is suitable to host modern F1 races. Besides, Monaco enjoys its privilege of hosting F1 race because of it history in the sport and the fact that it has hosted F1 races with out fail for as long as one can remember. Unfortunately, Zandvoort does not have such accalade but does have an army of Verstapenn fans.


    This track is 4.5 km [2.8 mil;es] in length with about 18 corners, 4 short straights and one DRS type straight. Unlike Zandvoort, it is a wide track with very good stands that would accommodate about 300,000 spectators. Unlike Zandvoort, this track offers good run off areas at corners. The facilities would meet current F1 track specification with minor alterations. Garage facility should accommodate the modern f1 teams with very little compromise.

    Unlike Zandvoort which does not have any real headline series in its calendar year, Assen have a rich collection of headline series operating on this track throughout its calendar year. MotoGP has chosen this track over Zandvoort to run its dutch races. Other series currently operating on this track includes SBK, DTM, Champ Car World series, British Superbike etc

    Emotions and sentiments aside, Assen seem the track with the scope to accommodate the lofty requirements of the modern day F1 tracks. In terms of, extension or modification of the track characteristics, increasing seating capacity, upgrading its VIP hospitality facilities and accommoding F1 teams garage, motorhomes and hospitality requirements. There is the matter of how accident clearance may be done in some parts of the Zandvoort track which appear to be not so easily reachable due to lack of adequate facility for marshal posts and heavy lifting machinery.

    When one considers most tracks such as Silverstone etc which have recently had to invest large sums of money to upgrade their infrastructure to meet current track standards. Zandvoort as an F1 approved venue to host F1 races may be a finger in the eye for managements of these tracks.

    Unfortunately, times has moved on and seem to have left Zandvoort behind, despite its past glory days of hosting F1 races.
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