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    2019 Mclaren Livery

    The Mclaren looks stunning as you would expect. There are some distinctively mclaren innovations that stand out on this car. Their front wing looks very similar to the 2019 Toro Rosso. With big broad vanes like the Mercedes and Redbull and flat straight end plates. They have also raised the wishbones on the front wheel like the Mercedes to allow unperturbed air through to the raise sidepod inlets. Something quite unique to the Mclaren is a new wing spanning out above the sidepod inlets. And right underneath it is a bargeboard to funnel air under the sidepod towards the coke bottle section of the rear of the engine cover.

    There are also some long slots in the floorboard along either side of the car, l counted three on each side. Another Mclaren unique design.

    The fin on the engine cover is slimmer than most other cars but it has a mini shark fin on top of the normal fin. The rear wing uses a double swan neck support to hold the lower wing from above like we noticed on the Mercedes. There is no monkey seat or T-wings on the Mclaren which seems odd, but l expect one to be there by the time we get to Melbourne Australia.

    It looks like a car that is likely to be fast. And l love the livery.

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