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    2019 Petronas Mercedes Livery

    This is probably the sexiest Mercedes that l have seen for some time. Mercedes has stayed faithful to their winning formular, hence this car is an evolution of the 2018 car. But there are evidence that they have made changes to those areas that were troublesome in the 2018 car. The blown wheel is now a permanent fixture of the car. Like Redbull, the Mercedes has really big vanes on the front wing, laid out to catch as much wind as possible. Like the Toro Rosso, the front wing of the W10 flares upwards from the neutral zone as it spans outwards. Another surprising thing about the front wing of the W10, is that the end plates are as long as those on the Renault but curves inwards closer to the front tyres.

    The nose is narrower than any of its predecessor. Mercedes has not gone with the popular trend of raising the sidepod inlets. They have kept it the same as the W09. The rear wing has a double swan neck support that holds the lower wing from its top surface, thus not messing with the flow of air under the wing. They also have a (coat hanger) T vane under the rear wings.

    In the mid section, there are intricate winglets attached to the chassis to divert air flow towards the sidepod inlets. There are also a complex array of bargeboard winglets to manage the air flow characteristic through between the floor board and the intricate curvature under the sidepod into the coke bottle section leading to the exhaust section at the rear of the car.

    Mercedes has also debute this season with a revised new engine to match the Ferrari engine which was a beast last season. All in all, this car looks menacing and fast.

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