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    2019 Renault [RS19] Livery

    Black with the distinctive Renault yellow, this car looks unmistakably Renault. The front wing look radically different from anything else unveiled so far. Assuming this is the actual front wing, you would notice that it has the biggest main plane which result in the longest end plate of the front wing. Unlike the Toro Rosso that angled the main plane upwards from the anchor points as the wing spans out, Renault has kept the main plane almost flat and close to the tarmac, only angling upwards slightly at the compact section of the vanes close to the end plates.

    The profile of the four vanes that stack at both ends of the front wing, are also strikingly different than all others so far. While the vanes are compact close to the end plate of the wing, they flare upwards as they fan out towards the anchor points of the front wing. The end plate is surprisingly flat and straight, unlike the end plate on the Haas that is shorter and flares outwards towards the front tyres.

    Getting the front, mid section around the sidepods and rear wing design right is likely to be the main differentiator between the teams this season.
    This is a raked car profile like the Redbull and Ferrari of 2018. Like all cars unveiled so far, Renault seem to have adopted the Ferrari style high sidepod inlet design.

    The Brake ducts appear to be bigger than last years car, a trend that seem to be apparent with most of the cars unveiled so far.

    One waits with bated breath to see what Mercedes would reveal tomorrow.

    Images are courtesy of SkySport F1 website.
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