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    Heads Roll at Ferrari - Arrivabene Out, Binotto steps up

    After two nearly years, Ferrari has decided they need a change at the head of the team. Arrivabene who has orchestrated a major change of form of the Ferrari team from the doldrums of the post Schumacher years, has been pushed out as he failed to deliver a title win over the last two seasons where the Ferrari cars have shown incredible performance progress relative to the Silver Arrow.
    The biggest step forward of the Ferrari package has clearly been in the engine department which Binotto heads. Hence, one can see why Binotto has been seen as the man that can get Ferrari the long coveted constructors title. I personally think Arrivabene has done a remarkable job bringing Ferrari to the brink of winning the title in 2018. However, he clearly did so on the back of Binotto's excellence in the engine department.

    I have a feeling that the change would be good for Ferrari. But l applaud Arrivabene for a great job, sometimes your successes can be your problem.
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    Only time will tell, but this gives a great example of Ferrari being their own worst enemy IMO. Though a host of people questioned selecting Arrivabene, overall he has done a great job IMO. This year they had a car that would challenge for both the drivers and constructors championships, but fell short. But in the end really Lewis just turned it on while Seb seemed to fade, and even if Ferrari were on their game, it would have been hard to stop Lewis and Mercedes.

    Removing someone that is doing a great job leaves that position in question, and in this case I think it applies to both Binotto and Arrivabene. If the void is not properly filled, they take a step back while trying to move forward.

    I think the biggest issue Ferrari have had in the last couple years has been keeping the lead driver attitude, as well as a lot of questionable strategy calls.

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    ^ I feel the exact same.

    Timing isnt the greatest either. If it was for performance reasons it would have made most sense to make the transition directly after the last GP. Its obviously due to internal politics or a power struggle.

    Binotto has to make sure Ferrari do better than 2018 or he will probably be dispatched just as ruthlessly.

    Good luck to him I guess..

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    I can't agree more with the above. Someone had to take the fall for all of Ferrari's mistakes.
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    Now Ferrari can have a brand new excuse for losing the title fight in 2019.

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