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    Quote Originally Posted by KiwiWRCfan View Post
    WRC Sideways - a new Video magazine from Redbull motorsport
    Unlikely to appeal to hardcore fans but it is things like this that can help introduce new fans to the sport
    I am sorry to disagree, but this video is just embarrassingly awful; an absolute load of steaming horse shit. Compare with how it used to be done 20 years ago.

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    A bit of late photo spam from Mexico (sorry guys!) First time over there for me. I combined the trip with a few tourist days in Guanajuato and then I went to the Sebring 12 Hours the following weekend.

    Some thoughts if anyone is interested on the rally. We stayed in Leon about 20mins walk from the service park. Leon is kind of vast and I didn't really warm to the place. Guanajuato is pretty mind-blowing though and a beautiful place to spend a couple of days. Good information on the website. Stages not particularly signposted at all but that's not exactly uncommon the championship. Some stunning stages and views because you're so high up. I personally didn't really feel the altitude too much. The heat and lack of shade was pretty intense at times - especially for a Brit. To the point where I didn't really mind about the small entry as you could get back in the shade quicker. I'd heard reports you could do whatever you wanted on the Mexico stages. I didn't find that to be the case. There didn't seem to be many marshals about at all but plenty of police in spectator areas. Sometimes more than I think was needed. But I didn't have any real issues.

    Very few foreign visitors which wasn't a surprise but I found the locals very kind. My mate was hospitalised (18 hours) with food poisoning and fever/dehydration on the second day of our trip which was kind of nuts. The food didn't agree with me particularly either but nothing that bad. Heard some of the teams had issues too. More delicate European stomachs maybe, I don't know.

    The new El Brinco jump was pretty shit. Biggest disappointment of the rally for me. Obviously I can't compare atmospheres but it can't be anywhere near the same. You're just stood in a ploughed field looking at a big mound of dirt. Drivers didn't even push hard, certainly on the first run. I think having it on Friday or as the power stage would make it better from an action perspective.

    Due to the format of the rally, repeated kms and it essentially being just three mountains, by the final day there was a bit of an issue of trying to find new places/access you hadn't already been. Which I've never encountered before. But it's undoubtedly a well organised event and the service park had the best atmosphere I've seen since Paviljonki in Finland. Probably all the Corona!

    So to sum up I'm really glad I went. I wouldn't go back again, but honestly with the distance it would have to have been STUNNING to warrant a return trip. I've done a lot of events now so nice to tick this one off. If anyone is ever thinking of going I can provide more details.

    Some photos:

    1 by Richard Simpson, on Flickr
    2 by Richard Simpson, on Flickr
    5 by Richard Simpson, on Flickr
    8 by Richard Simpson, on Flickr
    4 by Richard Simpson, on Flickr
    My rally photos:

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