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    What car do you drive and why did you choose it

    Following on from the silly season thread, I thought I'd post this, just to get a little cross reference as to how relevant rallying is nowadays to the old adage, race on Sunday, sell on Monday.

    To kick off I'll start with . .
    Volvo estate . . Work horse, no reason other than had a few Volvo's now
    Mini cooper s (r52) . . Wife's car for dog carrying/commuting
    Subaru Impreza WRX . . A lot because of rally.

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    Since I was a kid Opel has been my favourite brand. Not only bcs my father had several Rekords 1,9, but also their success in rallying with kadett Rallye Sprint.
    Owned one myself doing rallying in 73 -74 with a Gr1.

    I always put a brand doing rallying for a better brand (except for BMW which even without rallying, is German high quality brand...) but still have older Opels, Astra and Corsa, which me and my wife going to town shopping with...
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    Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo of course

    Because I like the brand and their history and it is currently the most suitable car in their range for me.

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    Branding meant something in the beginning of 2000s, most lately. Now its all about cheap insurance, taxes, economy and other running costs, comfort + a long warranty. Sell as quickly as possible, when that ends and look for another bargain.

    (This thread should be in a more sensible place, not under WRC)

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    VW Caddy, because I can have a bed in the back and use it at various motorsport events or mountain biking....not really a whole lot of influence from the 'win on Sunday' idea.
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    Peugeot 206, Audi A4 (B5), Mitsubishi Colt CZ3, again Peugeot 206. I really don't care about new car as long as it drives me from point to point and I haven't much cost with it.

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    Skoda Octavia RS Tdi 4x4

    I like the brand, i do almost 50.000km per year, so it has to be a Diesel, i life in the Mountains so it has to have 4x4

    I spend so much time in the car, i love the Sport Seats of my RS, DSG is comfortable and sporty as well and it has enough space for my 3 kids!

    I am very happy and satisfied with my Skoda!
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    50 thousand a year. That's something like one whole month spent in the car every year. That's when your car is your second home

    I have an Octavia III 1.4 TSI. I bought it exactly for what it does. It's a very easy and friendly car to live with. No sportscar of course but one which somehow does everything as you expect. Actually I bought it after I already spent quite some time with similar ones during my business trips and I liked them. I didn't buy it specifically because it's Škoda.
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    Audi Q7 e-tron (Porsche Cayenne before that)
    BMW 4-series GranCoupe M X-drive (Audi A5 sportback quattro before that)
    Mercedes SL 500 (only for summer drive)
    just sold my ur-quattro (chassis #131, motor #58) which is/was built Juni 1980

    New MB Sprinter is coming in January, current one is 4y old.

    I drive for living.
    "quattro best 4wd rallycar ever"

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    I'm another Skoda Octavia owner. Octavia II 1.9 tdi. I got it because I like Skoda's design philosophy and the flexibility of the car. I see Skoda where VW was in the early 90's, a solid car that is great value for money. Mine is now 10 years old but still in great condition. Will replace it with another Skoda.
    I also like the fact they are in rallying and have a long motorsport history but it's not the primary I got one. I do think that seeing them in rallying made me look at what else they built aside from the Fabia though so there is a strong tie in.

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