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    I think he can so long as Merc give him a car that can do so. (Yeah, I didn't read anything up above before making this profound statement )
    " Lady - I'm in an awful dilemma.
    Moe - Yeah, I never cared much for these foreign cars either."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitrodaze View Post
    Like Lawrence Fishbone said in the matrix; do you want to take the blue pill or the red pill, well Ferrari took the red pill at Singapore chasing the wrong development path which caused their speed advantage to stagnate. At the same time, the slower Mercedes found a solution to their tyre management problem and surged ahead marginally. This is how it is in F1. Ferrari had Mercedes on the ropes and could have taken both titles for the 2018 season as they had the better car really. It did not help that the driving force behind the team passed away which also caused Ferrari to go through a short period of confusion.

    The 2018 titles (driver and Constructors) may have been won by Ferrari under a different circumstances. It was a close and hard fought season which punished the slightest weakness or errors and Ferrari had many. Mercedes were very nervous most of the season.

    Mercedes looked dominant because Hamilton turned on his magic and took the Mercedes to heights not thought possible by the twitchy 2018 Mercedes car.
    Garbage. This isn't the 60s &70s, where you could've had a huge advantage one year, only for the update to be obsolete the following.

    As long as the engine regs are the same, MB will have an advantage. They were dominant from 14-16. Then the regs changed and Ferrari made some ground. Ferrari wouldn't know why or where they gained ground in the past couple of seasons. Vettel made some errors. But over the course of the season, the title would've been Hamilton's. Because he had the best car, and Bottas became expendable.

    All the accumulative knowledge gained over many decades, all the resources MB put in the 2018 car after building the best car for 4 years. You think the 2018 MB was "twitchy"?

    It's horse****, and the embellishment of Hamilton make me puke. However good he is, he's still at the effect of the cars he drives. Otherwise, aside from choking and underperforming, what was he doing from 2009-13? A period of time that can fit his hybrid turbo MB career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by denkimi View Post
    Had hamilton driven the redbull in 2010-2013 instead of vettel, he might have been 9 times champion.

    And had vettel switched to mercedes in 2014 he might have been 10 times world champion.

    Its al about luck and being in the right car at the right time.
    To a certain degree, that's true. But it's also about how well a driver can handle a skilled teammate - witness Senna vs. Prost. Based on the Hamilton vs. Rosberg battles (and mind games), had Vettel gone to Mercedes in 2014, my guess is Nico Rosberg would have picked up a couple more WDCs along the way. Rosberg may not have had quite the racing skill set that Ricciardo had when he spoiled Vettel's party at Red Bull, but Nico's bag of tricks (mind game wise) was obviously quite full. I'm not convinced that Vettel would have been able to deal with that so well - especially since he would have been the new kid at Merc.

    As for this past season, if Ferrari had a crystal ball and could have known how Vettel would melt under pressure, they might have chosen to have Hamilton in the SF71H, if they'd had a choice of drivers. There were times in the past when I felt that Lewis' personal life caused him to lose focus on race weekends (even though he always managed to find a win, even in seasons when his car was far from the best). But this season, it seems that his focus and attitude were pretty laser like. IMO, he's matured much better than Seb has.

    But it's all speculation... all in fun. We'll never know.
    "Every generation's memory is exactly as long as its own experience." --John Kenneth Galbraith

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