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Thread: Dirt Rally 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by [RMC]Pip View Post
    By the looks of it, Codies have revered back to the DiRT Rally-like handling model - they live-streamed a discussion like event with a guy driving in the background. The RWD car was really dancing in Bluestacks Lucky Patcher Kodi NZ and ARG, was a joy to watch. One has to wonder what on Earth they were thinking when they went for a very funky, understeery setup with DiRT4. IMHO it was okay for modern AWD cars, but RWD was awful.

    On the other hand, visually it hasn't evolved much, it is a polished version of the earlier editions.
    Their Mk2 escort could do with more a more power if its based on Phil Collins car... but otherwise it looks very promising.
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