After the success of the winter Championship 2017-2018 and the two events during the summer, there will be another championship series of four rounds this coming winter. The format will, however, be VERY DIFFERENT.

Recent events have been pretty tough with cryptic navigation defining long complicated routes. This has been perfect for “encyclopaedic-brained” navigators with plenty of time and patience, but frustrating and demotivating for those who crave a more “real-world” rallying challenge.

Over the summer the table-top rallying software has been considerably extended to provide a very close simulation of what you might experience on a real Regularity, Road or Stage Rally. As well as plotting a route (pre-plot or really straightforward), you will need to control the speed of your car to maintain the correct average speed, adhere to the time schedule or beat the target times. There will be restrictions on your route like: speed limits, baulking and various incidents, which you will need to compensate for to stay on time. All this will happen in real-time and each rally will demand your full concentration for about 30 minutes. The testers who have tried the new format rallies have been “Wowed” by what they have seen.

The Championship has four rounds: December, January, February and March. You can view an overview at and detail, including an entry form via As always, your entry fees will be donated to charity.

Because of this major enhancement to your table-top rallying experience, you’ll have a month to practise with the free availability of practice rallies from November 1.

You really must see it to believe it!