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Thread: Blue flags

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    Blue flags

    So what's your view on blue flags?

    I've been hearing a lot of complaints about how they spoil racing, that leaders should just overtake the drivers in front and yadda yadda. On top of that, now you have Gunther Steiner claiming somewhere that F1 should get rid of blue flags altogether.

    Personally, my opinion is that blue flags are just fine and that penalties like the one Grosjean got in Singapore are perfect, for two reasons:

    1) If you think that spoiling a fight for 9th place is an issue, try to think of the huge amount of moaning that we'd got had Hamilton lost his Singapore win owing to Grosjean blocking him.
    2) This opens the door for A LOT of dirty play, particularly with B teams. For instance, what would stop a Toro Rosso driver from letting the Red Bulls past, but blocking everyone else? Or what if Räikkönen was having a bad race and Ferrari gave him an extra stop so that he'd emerge right in front of Hamilton just to make him lose time in (trying to) overtake?

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    I agree, if a car and driver combined are too slow such that the leading cars have to lap them to continue their particular fight, then the slower cars should get out of the way of the faster cars.

    Blue flag says >:-

    1. You are slower than the cars leading the grand prix.
    2. Do not impede the race of the leading cars
    3. Please get out of their way

    The skill of driving a F1 car includes the skill of letting the lapping cars pass without losing a position as a consequence. Besides, though a lapped driver's race is being interupted, the car the lapped car is racing is also going to be disrupted in a similar fashion.

    I don't think it is fair that the race of the leading pack should be disrupted or the leading car lose advantage of position due to having to fight his way pass a lapped car. Besides, removing blue flags would make it possible for lapped drivers to vindictively mess up the race of a leading car trying to lap them, intentionally or under instruction of their team.

    I bet my last euro, Mercedes, Ferrari and Redbull may not like blue flags removed.
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    I am fine with blue flags. I also understand that it is hard for cars to be lapped will ignore them if they are trying to defend their position.
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