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    Exclamation Sale of Summit Point Raceway

    I got this email awhile back, but thought I'd post it here for any interested parties. I believe Summit is Starter's home track - though I'm sure that he already knows about the sale. Here's the info for anyone who might find it of interest.

    On Tuesday, July 31st, 2018, Xator, a Reston, VA headquartered company that specializes in supporting U.S. Government clients in fulfilling their National Security mission, purchased Summit Point Raceway Inc. Xator is new to racing but is fully committed to ensuring motorsports enthusiasts and fans have the same quality experience at Summit Point that they have come to expect for nearly 50 years. The CEO of Xator, Mr. David Scott (no relation to Bill or Barbara Scott) wants motorsports and government contracting to flourish at Summit Point and to continue to grow in the years ahead. "We see Motorsports as an integral part of the Summit Point business model and welcome it into the Xator family. There will be no change in operations or quality of experience and we will continue to assess ways to improve motorsports in the future," said Mr. Scott.
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    The operating personnel at Summit Point will remain the same as under the previous owner. The SCCA, and specifically the Washington DC Region (WDCR), has always had an excellent relationship with the track. And, as the largest weekend user, expects that good relationship to continue. There may also be some additional investment in the facilities by the new owners and that's always a good thing.
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