Clearly the desire to race is still very strong in Kimi. He has nothing whatsoever to prove. He is a world champion, l think it is time to just enjoy racing for the next two years and retire after that if he wishes. I personally thought he would end up in Haas, but the Sauber was no slouch this season with more top ten finishes than most thought they would be capable of at the beginning of the season.
2019 would be a duel between Haas and Sauber for the most successful Ferrari powered customer team of 2919. I think Sauber is gunning for best of the rest or at least top five of the 2019 constructors championship. This would be a battle between Renault, Haas and Sauber, but l have a feeling that Force India and Williams; possibly Mclaren but l am not so sure with Alonso gone, may improve enough over the winter to make this fight a huge task for the favorite midfield teams. 2019 is looking like it might be as interesting as this season or even better.

I wonder where Redbull would end up in all of this?