In the nakedness of Honda's departure from Mclaren, the true price of Ron Dennis' departure become starkly apparent. Not having Honda to blame for their failure to reach their target performances and efficiencies, the internal fracture formed in the wake of Ron Dennis' parting company with the Mclaren outfit appears to have erupted into an undeniable reality that they actually have a serious internal discontent and unhappyness which may have translated into poor commitment and belief in the future of the team internally.

It is clearly a crisis, if they are saying it may take years to resolve it. From the outside, it appears the boardroom have underestimated the true cost of their catalog of poor decisions which seem mostly driven from emotion than calculated objective reasoning. You don't have to be a genius to know it was a very bad idea to eject Ron Dennis. More damning is the decision to part ways with Honda has revealed the true nature of the problems of the team. All in the wake of Honda doing an exceptional job with the Toro Rosso team. Redbull were impressed enough to dump their Renault engine for the Honda.

Mclaren worked well in the past because of a cultural formula which was cultivated by Ron Dennis. So can see how that formula would evaporate when the enterprise architect of it departs under acrimonious circumstances.

From where l am sitting, it would seem the problem is actually in the Mclaren boardroom. If they don't fix that part of the problem, then this illustrious team is unavoidably on its way to obscurity.