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    Things keep going from bad to worse for McLaren, so much so that they are even considering signing a past-it Kimi Raikkonen as their lead driver should Alonso retire at the end of the year.

    This is the first time Iíve actually considered that McLaren may have reached the point of no return. It may be that this once great team is not going to survive much longer.

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    I think this is all part of the same campaign to discredit McLaren's leadership (Eric in particular, it seems), the supposed internal "revolt", Freddo-gate, now trying to get Kimi... I just don't buy it, any of it.

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    The Mclaren move from Honda engine to Renault engine did not light the F1 world on fire. This path seem unlikely to lead them to glory of winning world championships. That said, l would not write off Mclaren. It all comes down to what their strategy is for the 2020
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    Personally I think Mclaren are still having trouble sorting out the engine swap, and nothing short of a miracle is going to get them back to the front of the grid any time soon. It's a shame to see such a great team lose their way, but at some point it has happened with most teams, and the hybrid era seemed to really shake up the field a bit more.

    Being they have so much to sort out still, Kimi would be a great development driver. As the current car isn't very good, quite a few people on the current grid are more than quick enough to help them sort it out. If they do get it sorted out properly in the near future, a list of the most talented will suddenly be open to negotiations. There is a reason we often call it the "silly season" and it sometimes takes place much of the year.

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