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    Quote Originally Posted by gm99 View Post
    But last year's winning Porsche spent well over an hour in the pits at one point and rejoined some 18 laps down, if I remember correctly, so it's not really an accurate comparison.
    21 laps is more than an hour, so the Toyota was still on a quicker pace, and that's against a Porsche that was really thrashing it over the last 4 hours or so to try and get to the lead. Different races and difference scenarios, but I don't think people can say the #8 was holding back, especially in Alonso's night quad-stint.

    LMP2 decided after the race, G-Drive excluded for adjusting their fuel rig to gain about 6-8 seconds per pitstop (mounts up when there are 37 of them). They must be kicking themselves given they could have won on pace alone.
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    Is there a better sound than that of Porsche engine Flat-6 takes??

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