I joined this forum many moons ago around 2004 having been a lurker on BTCCPages. The Touring Car forum was a hugely popular one, even at a time when the BTCC series was at an all-time low in terms of popularity, grid-sizes and excitement.

I took a few years sabbatical from watching motorsport as "life got in the way" but have been enjoying catching up with the last 5-10 seasons of F1, WRC and BTCC. And, wow! What a surprise to see that the last few years of BTCC have been incredibly action-packed, grid-packed and totally unpredictable. It's what BTCC fans crave for....so why is the forum so quiet these days? I just watched the Donington Park rounds of the season and was delighted to see Cook take his maiden victory and to also see Chris Smiley (fellow Irishman) compete at the sharp end - surely he'll win a race this year! The old guard are really being shoved out by the new young guns and the series is as exciting as ever.

So.....does anyone else share the same excitement? Have we emigrated to another board? The WRC and F1 forums are still active on a daily basis...