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    Quote Originally Posted by A FONDO View Post
    The inside of that hairpin seems a bit tricky to be honest, a bit dirtier or uneven surface can decide the few inches between a wonderful dive and a crash.
    When l looked at the race again, l felt Race control could have deployed the safety car better by ensuring they picked up the leaders. It was not an urgent situation, they have deployed the safety car in a way that has influenced the outcome of the race . I think the FIA have to look at improving the SAFETY CAR deployment procedures. It is abit intrusive to the outcome of the races at the mo; It handed a race win to fouth place man Vettel in Austrailia, and here in China, it handed the race to fifth place man Ricciado.

    That said, Ricciado deserved the win, his experience and sheer talent shined through today.
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