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    Quote Originally Posted by mknight View Post
    Two things stand out for me from the press conf:
    1. Neuville saying how they had good performance on saturday when they dropped
    from 3rd to 5th. Wut?

    2. Makinem believes Latvala will be world champion one day.
    Tommi must have had more than the usual number of drinks before the press conference if he's saying that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mknight View Post
    2. Makinem believes Latvala will be world champion one day.
    And I believe in extra terrestrials. Surely that's always Latvala's goal, but he must be more realistic now.
    "With that car, your brain can actually never keep up"

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    The performance of TN is a bit confusing. I was very surprised by his time this morning, I think he would have gone passed both Latvala and Sordo on both vineyard stages. These stages were also ok for him on Friday compared to Sordo and Latvala.
    The other type of stages he was under performing.
    Both Sordo and Latvala did exceptional well on Panzerplatte stages, why they got passed him.
    I really wonder why the performances of Sordo and TN are so different in the same car, the one is fast on Panzerplatte, the other in the vineyards.
    Not to talk about Mikkelsen, but I’m under the impression he has similar issues as TN, and Sordo, but he could not find a good feeling on any tarmac surface with this car.
    I fear Spain for many reasons for TN, but first check Turkey, it will be hard for everyone.

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    Neuville had a diff issue, forcing him to use the diff with Corsica settings, which didn't suit this rally as well.

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