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    Thank you , Mr. Hawking .

    A titan of science , Stephen Hawking , has left us on Albert Einstein's birthday .
    It's a great loss for our earth , to not have such an inspirational character , in terms of his field but also in terms of the debilitating disease he faced with dignity and grit for thirty or so years .

    He was a great man who touched many personally , and vast numbers often , with his sense of humour infused in his teaching and inspiration .
    He was a cultural icon , opening the paralympics , and appearing on the Simpsons and the Big Bang Theory .

    He had a big head but never had a big head about it , and that , of all his attributes , is what I respect most .

    I just want to say thanks to a great man .

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    I had no idea that he was 76. I guess I never thought about it, as he seemed rather ageless.

    But R.I.P..
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    He really defied all medical & believable forecasts about the length of his life and boy did he use those unexpected years. He had a way of inspiring people to get interested in science.

    A giant of modern life and science.
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