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    Wrc safari rally project 2020

    Todt who will officially open the WRC Safari Rally Project Headquarters at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani, the nerve centre of the government-funded initiative to fast track Kenya’s bid to return the Safari back to the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) by 2020.

    Todt later met with directors of the Kenya Motor Sport Federation (KMSF) and the President of Automobile Association of Kenya (AA) Jinaro Kibet who was accompanied by his Director General Francis Theuri in a working luncheon at Villa Rosa Kempinski.

    Besides motorsport, Todt is also the United Nations Secretary General’s Special Envoy on Road Safety and he is on a stopover in Nairobi enroute to Uganda for a UN engagement.

    Kimathi said it was an honor for Todt, third in 1973 Safari Rally navigating Swede Ove Andersson in a Peugeot 504, to accept opening the Safari headquarters tomorrow and discuss at length the Safari Rally subject with government and Motorsport authorities.

    This is his third visit to Kenya since 2015 and has been engaged by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Motorsport officials on a future WRC Safari Rally.

    In response to the position of the Safari Rally in a 2016 Press Conference Todtrevealed that Africa is a very key region for the FIA in terms of rallying but added the necessary guarantees set by the FIA will have to be met.

    Among the issues Todt pointed on Kenya was road safety as well as the deviation from the public roads to private land rallying.

    “If all the processes are followed we see no reason why Kenya cannot make it back to the WRC. So far we are very impressed with the Kenya National Rally Championship as one of the best run events in Africa.

    “But the new standards of rallying must be respected. What was possible back then when events ran on open roads is not possible these days with the population. Rallies must now be organized on closed roads, “Todt said.

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    i cant wait for Safari Rally to return. i will upload some amazing Videos through
    our Tanzania youtube channel.
    i really hope this will prosper and bring Africa to the championship calendar

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    Lets hope this actually happens. As someone who grew up in Kenya I would not get my hopes up. If any higher up politician gets involved this will end up as a money making scheme to make a few people rich... Lets hope I'm wrong.

    I'm surprised not to see pictures of Harri Rovanpera as he basically lives with the Raiply guys.

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    I'm a bit torn about this one personally. I think we'd all love to see the Safari back, but when it arrives you won't recognise it.

    Setting expectations will be key with closed roads and cloverleaf format. As much as the concept of three longer "enduro" events (Monte, Safari, GB) makes sense - it isn't happening.

    I guess it boils down to - would the WRC benefit from being in Africa? Would a modern day sprint event still be cool on these roads? Would it add something different to the championship? I think the answer to all of those is definitively yes.
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    I agree, Safari as it was will not come back. I think that with the right expectations this could be a very nice addition to the championship and maybe, even respecting the modern format, it could bring something different other than the scenery and location

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    Yeah I hope for longer stages (Corsica style?) and longer overall km's if it is to return with some of the character that it had before, but I wouldn't expect it to resemble its old nature. I don't think most people would, at this point.

    The character will have to come from the roads, the environment and crowds, as it does from every other rally - hopefully the format will be unique enough to contribute to that too, but even if it is a 300km/24 stage sprint, I'd still love to see Africa back in the calendar. A world championship needs to cover the 2nd most populous continent. Especially in a sport that prides itself on adverse conditions and varied environments.

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    Nanyuki area is one possibility - private farm land tracks for closed stages.

    Nanyuki Event cancelled in 2017 due pastoralist invasion in severe drought conditions?

    Probably be like china with an annual postponement. Bring back NZ?
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