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    FOM/ISC FiA Rally Championship TV Rights

    Hi Folks

    Having got the 1990-1999 WRC Season Review box set (not watched all of them yet though) I have some questions..

    Also I've had a look at Sean O'Connor's Masters Thesis "An Examination for the Marketing Strategy of the World Rally Championship" available here

    International Sportworld Communicators or ISC had rights to both the WRC and the FiA Regional Rally Championships from 1996.
    I've read that each WRC event like F1 olden times had host broadcasters who supplied footage and
    ISC/FOM produced the TV programs (or at least put the season reviews together)

    Was anyone here been involved in that?

    (The FiA Rally Championship Rally TV rights were later bought by D.Richards who had Chrysalis Sport take on the TV production.. They got taken over by North One Sport and we know what happened down the road there..)

    One of my questions is did any of the Regional Championship footage actually get Filmed/Produced & Screened?

    I remember Andrew Marriott's / Sky Sports program World Motorsport took footage from Chris Courteyn's Rally Action concern but I have no idea if anyone actually bothered with the European Rally Championship during those years, let alone any of the other Regional championships.. Eurosport??

    At least the Asia Pacific Championship does get good coverage these days from the people from

    Another question emanates from the downfall of North One Sport which went bust right before Monte Carlo 2012..

    As far as I remember the FiA put the rights of each event with each organising club, Monte 2012 was broadcast on Eurosport.. Sweden, I cant remember..
    Was it filmed and produced by the now in use NEP Finland and shown on MotorsTV if I recall correctly..?

    I'm guessing there is no 2012 season review due to the mess created by Vladamir Antanov

    At least Red Bull Media House and the Sportsman Media Group got involved and are doing a good job now!

    Also its a shame the F2 / 2L World Cup didn't get much coverage at all..

    Anyway that's my ramblings for the moment..

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    I must say that I remember in early 90s footage on Screensport of ERC events. In 1993 it was "eaten" by Eurosport which was quite disaster for motorsport (especially in that time)...

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    I've thought about starting a thread like this before as I'm interested in this subject too, but I didn't think anyone else would be! Thanks for the link to that Masters Thesis, some interesting stuff there and kind of funny to read it knowing how it all worked out...

    If I can ask an additional question, can anyone confirm if a large amount of archive (mainly ISC era) footage was lost/disposed of during the North One Sport era and its downfall? I feel like I read this years ago. IIRC, I read that all those full length ISC era highlight shows that went up on the official WRC You Tube channel (now almost a secret treasure trove on that channel!) were uploaded essentially as a final attempt by NOS staff to somehow preserve what was going to be lost?

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    It is almost 5 years to the day that North One Sports came to an end
    Here is the back story

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    There was a time (mid 90's) when BBC Worldwide actually did the filming for the WRC, on behalf of ISC/ FiA. A lot of the crew were Brits who were involved in rallying.

    I seem to remember there was also a time when the WRTA (World Rally Teams Association - remember that?) paid for coverage. There was a lot of dissatisfaction from the teams that they weren't getting the coverage they should have got. At that time Bernie was the boss of FiA Promotional Affairs; which meant ALL FiA series. However, as we all know, he only really bothered with F1, which was were DR came in, with the blessing of the teams, and bought ISC.

    It's an interesting subject; as for years coverage was hit & miss. There was also the EU ruling which affected TV rights, etc
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    The Norwegian Rounds were in a show some years ago, was it Rally Action on Eurosport maybe?
    That was footage from Tv-Media here in Norway.

    Another thing, does anyone know if there's a chance in hell a private person could get a hold of onboards from lets say Rally Norway 2009?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SubaruNorway View Post
    Another thing, does anyone know if there's a chance in hell a private person could get a hold of onboards from lets say Rally Norway 2009?
    For money, maybe. For free, very unlikely.
    Never stop dreaming because one day it might happen.

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    The best chance is probably to contact someone who was competing back then? They could have their footage, or at least know where to get it from.

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