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It may be impressive, but anyone can feel that FE growth is artificial, just like its races are. FE is mainly a marketing case study rather than a genuine motorsport form; the promoter, the FIA and the manus involved keep pushing the media to cover it in an inflated way; the general media does it because eco mobility is a trendy topic and the specialized media does it to survive, as they depend on manus.

In result of this, we have tradicional and popular motorport forms getting less media exposure, despite a real growing interest by the public on them, in WRC case mainly due to a fantastic new generation of WRC cars, a top driving level and a positive effort from rally organizers and the promoter.

No matter what mainstream media and marketing wizards are trying to sell, Rally still is and will remain to be a top motorsport form, with worldwide popularity and a lasting heritage.

PS: the F Type Rally video is now over the 30k views. Well done Jaguar!
Or well done you

Jaguar appear to very good at marketing.

If as you say WRC is the 3rd most followed car motorsport after F1 and Nascar, then that puts it the top motorsport for cars that resemble the ones we see on the road.

So still don't get Ford Europe not pushing the wins last year, even more so as it wasn't a factory team. Putting Ken Block into the odd rally opens up new audiences, but don't see any marketing from Ford.
I'm sure the Scooby, Evo and Ford specials of the past help keep brand/car awareness. Would of thought a WRC Fiesta St on the outgoing model would of been produced if we were in the 1990's

Evan's comments on stage 6 confirm he's not got a ride next year.
Also seemed from the commentators that Ogier was mentioning and fighting his case to MW.