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    FIA and WRC to discuss how to measure stage safety at Rally Germany

    The FIA recommends that stages' average speeds do not exceed 130km/h (80mph), which led to the cancellation of the second run of the Knon stage in Sweden in 2017 when Ott Tanak won its first use at an average of 138km/h (85mph).

    "That stage wasn't dangerous, and I don't think there's a safety issue when we're using the wide roads in Finland," Tanak told Autosport.

    "The average speed doesn't show so much. There are more and more dangerous places where the trees are very close [in the narrow sections]. These are the bad places - the wide road doesn't make the route dangerous. Look at Corsica, there is a narrow road and that's more dangerous."

    Citroen's Craig Breen agreed the time had come to change how stage safety was assessed.

    "That stage in Sweden last year, that was one of the safest stages of the championship," he argued.

    "The speed is not the ultimate element of danger, it's the need for an eye for the detail and looking at this and saying, 'Yes, that's dangerous', whether that's a corner or a section or whatever.

    "That's what we need, not somebody sitting down and looking at a sheet of paper or a graph or whatever and saying: 'That's too fast!'

    totally agree with Breen and Tšnak....i think we already had a long debate here last year about this, that FIA made these fantastic new beasts with new rules and now they want to bring the speeds down.
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    It's been a while since i drove the Knon stage but from what i remember it had a lot of sections with clear cuts and only small bushes so not very dangerous for drivers or spectators, they seem to forget that the wide open roads are safer for spectators where you often don't have to be so close to the road to see properly.
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