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Thread: Brazil '17

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    Quote Originally Posted by N. Jones View Post
    Yeah I wonder if that is true that Mercedes changed his setup for the conditions on Sunday. He was easily passing people throughout the day.
    They did, but remember his engine only has to last two races. This allowed him to push relentlessly and in very high engine power modes. He just ran out of tires in the end to pass Kimi. Without another VSC at the right time or safety car, he was never realistically going to be able to finish higher than 4th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by N. Jones View Post
    IS that why? I could not understand why Bottas could not close up on Vettel.
    I’ve been quite surprised by Bottas this season. He’s been in F1 a few years now and last season I would have said he was perhaps developing into a better driver than Rosberg. I was wrong I think. He reminds me a bit of Kovalainen in that he’s a good racing driver, but perhaps not quite good enough in a top team.

    I think it’s often said that ‘put any driver in a top car and they’ll win a championship’, but that is more often than not not the case. The likes of Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso etc are multiple world champions because they outperform teammates and adapt quickly.

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    Nice to see you around henners , old man .

    The two Finns are both number twos for their respective teams , with a car that fits the team mate better .
    I've always thought it would be prudent when shopping around , that one of the first thoughts when choosing a driver would be his style and whether it is similar to , firstly , the characteristics that the car inherently has , and secondly , the other driver you've chosen , so that they may develop the car in the same direction .

    It would seem to me that it would help .
    But they don't seem to make any effort on that front . Often there is one driver who struggles more than he should , or that's what it looks like from here .

    Your boy did well , don't get me wrong .

    Stick around if you can .

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    Quote Originally Posted by COD View Post
    Hanilton was good against inferior cars, but against Ferrari, he was just as lame as Bottas
    Good? Hamilton is always awesome against inferior cars.

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