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    NZ Sideways events 2017/2018

    A few of the NZ rally people also drift, offroad, targa etc (Fanga Dan - 12 minute vid on fb)

    Targa NZ also starts today with a few rally people Green, West, Inkster etc

    This is so bogan, but reflects badly on car enthusiasts when the general public cannot distinguish between licensed motorsport participants and outlaws.

    targa 1st afternoon, mk2 bdg escort, stralet, ap4 mitsi, cheetah, evo and wrx etc

    Targa 2nd day morning
    2nd day afternoon the Cheetah breaks down

    Day 3 - start Audi
    Day 3 - morning - - old school rallying - Inkster repairing his own loom in service.
    Day 3 - afternoon White bait fritters at Mokau , Morrissey rolls
    Day 4 - morning Newman spins, Seat Leon in targa tour
    Day 4- review smoking Mitsubishi, porsche, KBs (cyclist on stage -20 secs from end of vid- not only poland that has stage problems)
    Day 5 start- (Brits playing DownUnder)
    Day 5 - early crash stops stage - (yesterday Mitsi AP 4 diff problems)

    Day 5 - Inkster wins overall, Classics - M3 over AE86 by 0.3 second.
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