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Thunderbolt for $150! Only 2 groups = lots of ride time, no car groups. This is how it gets done. Next weekend Lightning and Thunderbolt. Last day at New Jersey Motorsports Park - NJMP- NJMP we have on Thunderbolt and are giving back to everyone that supports - get the day for $150, no membership needed. If you are new to the track, still only $99 and new to us $130 -ON THUNDERBOLT! MotoGirlGT is having a party after Lightning -don't miss this one, even if you don't ride. MotoGladiator Motorcycle Racing last race of the series and throwing in free race on Thunderbolt, so bring the 300's - It's our way of saying thanks for creating EvolveGT. 2 Groups, race school, MotoGirlGT party, MotoGladiator Race, GT1 training... Bill Sink, Brett Baker, Ryan Donagher, Mark Lienhard, Alex Spellman and all the rest of the coaches will be there to help with the asphalt party!