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    Question Toyota Yaris AP4 questions

    Hi folks,

    Just wondering are the cars doing the APRC / NZ series / Australian championship in any way related / use common parts ? ..etc etc.. and if we will see any of them doing WRC Rally Australia? (so to contrast and compare to the WRC2 / R5 runners if any make the trip to start with..)

    The commonality question comes to mind for ease of scrutineering but I guess once it meets its own homologated spec on the papers all is okay. Be interesting to see the differences if there are many though..

    Nice article on the Australian cars' build here:


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    If you look in the CAMS manual you will see that Neal Bates Motorsport is an approved AP4 constructor.
    Aus Yaris should be running in the ARC part of Rally Australia if the engine issues are resolved. Aus Yaris will still only have a low distance and be early in development so is likely to be a good margin slower than WRC2/ R5.

    There will be plenty of differences between the NZ Yaris and Aus Yaris, NZ Yaris- EXT suspension, 2ZR engine block, front air bodywork designed for a low ride height for NZ roads, etc
    Aus Yaris - MCA suspension, 2ZZ-GE engine block, higher clearance front body work for the rough Australian roads, etc
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    The AP4 regulations are nice regulations giving a lot of freedom for building a car. That I understand that the bodyshell and safety cage are control parts that can be modified / installed only by an authorized company but why are also wheel hubs, uprights, wishbones etc. control parts. Is it because of safety or reliability or both or something else?

    The NZ version of the regulations are little bit different at the end where authorized companies are listed.
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