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    2007 Champion - A look back on the forum

    Now and then I look way back at old posts, mostly just to remember some of the battles that took place on track.

    Since we have a current thread on the forum thoughts on the 2017 Champion, I thought we might enjoy this blast from the past that I stumbled onto.

    It's been 10 years that Ferrari have been without a WDC. Can Seb pull it off, or will Lewis and the Mercedes come out on top? It's also interesting to see that even 10 years ago, some were so strong on their opinions (right or wrong) that they were willing to go to great lengths to diminish the opinions of the others. Forum bickering never ends!

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    Well the voters got it right, with Kimi being the overwhelming favourite in the poll. But no-one anticipated the manner of the victory.

    A lot of debate about whether incumbent Massa or newcomer Kimi would be fastest in the Ferrari. Plenty of people favouring each driver, so there was no clear conclusion, but with possibly a slight balance towards Kimi. Which was an accurate reflection of how it turned out - close but with Kimi finishing ahead.

    Not many people were expecting McLaren to produce a good car.

    Like most long-running threads, it got severely sidetracked, with pages of discussion about drivers' sleeping habits!

    Kudos to dwf1, who was the only person in 17 pages of the thread to mention Hamilton as a title contender, only to be dismissed as a joker or a lunatic

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