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Thread: Hyundai WRT

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnttiL View Post
    with Huttunen entered to Rally Sweden in a Fabia, he must be out of Hyundai?
    Read this -

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    Quote Originally Posted by PLuto View Post
    Yeah that was earlier news, but at that point everything was still open, they didn't know (or tell) whether the Hyundai program will continue or not.

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    Any french speaking french can make an assumption of what he says?

    I understood these things:

    Some people said that he has wasted a one life chance last year but he thinks that he has many more chances in the future

    He expects Loeb to make me pass ahaed of him if needed since he is not aiming for championship.

    He said nothing special about Adamo (but maybe he did, please confirm).

    He wouldn't change anything about his approach of last year because he did good.

    Add something because my french is bad.

    Link to zoomable image:

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    About Adamo: he says he is happy that "they" listened to the drivers who wanted a change in the technical departement and management. Last year, when something happened, it was never somebody's fault and in the end nothing changed. The car was equal on pace in the beginning of the year but felt behind in the 2nd half, that has to be changed.
    About Toyota: we need to catch up quickly, to avoid a "VW dominance". Toyota exploited the 2018 rules concerning the testing around their own base to test more before Monte than other teams. That should be better this year.
    About updates: no updates yet, but he hopes to have them from Corsica onwards.
    About Loeb: he prefers to have him in his team than in another team. And certainly didn't want him helping Ogier. Loeb is there to help the team, not to help him. He hopes his experience will help devellop the car. But he does say that he expects him to pull over and switch positions if they are 1 and 2. But that will be Huyndai's decision.

    That should be the most important

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