Before I get too behind on this stuff....

Belgium 2019 scores

ZDK position/member/points

10 mfbagwan 35
12 mf_airshifter 34
23 mf_mr_swiss 31
48 tazio 25
51 mfCOD 25

Good job Baggy!

Tazio picked the closest pole time, ranked 7th in the ZDK times, but 0 points for the wrong driver.

ZDK season standings


29 +6 mf_mr_swiss 431
50 - tazio 406
67 +4 mf_airshifter 393 (-29)
70 +7 mfbagwan 389 (-28)
76 +3 mfCOD 377

Mr Swiss extends his lead slightly, and me and the other non adjusted score are scrapping in hopes of catching COD.

Monza scores aren't up yet, but I think Taz might have punked us all. But I'm not sure really. I don't think our overall scores will be all that high though.

I forgot about Max's grid penalties for his engine and missed changing it by about an hour. Oh well..